05 Sep

On July 24, 2023, Hope Alive Ministries & Nations in Love, hosted an exclusive event for pastors, accompanied by their wives, and three leaders from their respective congregations. 

The purpose of this event was to strengthen and uplift the hands of our pastors and church leaders, motivating them to continue the excellent work they are doing.


During this pastoral event, we hosted a completely free dinner for all attendees. This meal was not only a gesture of our appreciation but also a moment of fellowship and unity.

The Word of God: 

The heart of the event was the presentation of two prominent preachers: Evangelist Danny Green and Pastor Larry Green. Each shared the word of God with deep inspiration and wisdom. 

Those present were profoundly blessed through these spiritual teachings.

The Presence of the Holy Spirit: 

During a special prayer time, we experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit's presence. It was a moment of spiritual renewal, where everyone could tangibly feel God's presence.

Unity and Communion: 

We joined in prayer for one another and for the unity of the body of Christ. This time of communion strengthened the bonds among the pastors and leaders present and reaffirmed our commitment to the cause of the Gospel.

A Special Thank You to Our Donors: 

This event and our work in general would not be possible without the continuous support of our donors. Your prayers and monthly donations are a cornerstone for our mission in Belize and beyond its borders. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to God's work.


The "Unity and Pastoral Enrichment" event was a blessing to all who attended. We renewed our commitment to continue working together to bring the message of the Gospel and God's love to our communities and the world.