05 Sep

Hope alive Ministries in Collaboration with Nations in Love develop this amazing empowerment Youth Leaders Event in El gran Mestizo Resort in Orange Walk Belize on August 21st and 22nd.

Event Description: 

"Leading with Gen Z" is a youth focused event with an emphasis on identity, empowerment, and mentorship. 

Event Goals: 

Youth Foundations (Identity): Equip young people with a strong identity rooted in their faith and values. Foster a deep understanding of their unique gifts, talents, and passions to help them discover their purpose in leadership.

Youth Unleash (Empowerment): Empower Gen Z to step into leadership roles with confidence, courage, and conviction. Encourage young people to embrace innovation, creativity, and critical thinking as they navigate the challenges of leadership.

Youth Mentorship (Discipleship): Establish meaningful mentorship relationships between experienced youth leaders and the younger generation, providing guidance and support. Provide opportunities for young people to learn from seasoned leaders, acquiring skills, wisdom, and insights to become effective leaders themselves. 

Overall Objective: Create a collaborative and inclusive environment where young people feel valued, heard, and encouraged to actively participate in ministry and leadership within their respective churches. Inspire a generation of young leaders committed to making a positive impact in their communities and the world. 

Event Attendees: 81 local churches youths leaders, 7 local team leaders & 25 members of the Nations in Love team. Total attendance 113 people.

Conclusions: The "Leading with Gen Z" event was a resounding success, achieving its objectives of strengthening young people's identity, empowering them as leaders, and fostering meaningful mentorship relationships. 

The active participation of local churches, experienced leaders, and enthusiastic young individuals created an inspiring and collaborative environment.