05 Sep

At this moment, I want to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to God for the opportunity He gives me to serve God and people through my ministry, especially in Guinea, a country located in the heart of West Africa. 

Our work focuses on recruiting, training, and mobilizing the Church of Christ in an environment where Christianity represents only 5% of the population, while an overwhelming majority professes Islam, 95%.

A Committed Team:

In collaboration with our dedicated team in West Africa and our national partners in Guinea, we gather every Tuesday. During these meetings, we plan, evaluate, and project the weekly tasks that will lead us towards progress for the festivals scheduled for October and November 2023 in Guinea.

United in Diversity:

Each person involved in this process comes from different denominations and associations, which has resulted in the formation of an exceptional work team. In addition to our meetings, we have had the privilege of training these passionate individuals to lead mobilization efforts in their respective areas. 

This has been a unique learning opportunity as we face a culture and language entirely different from our own.

A Call to Prayer:

Today, I want to issue a call to each of you, our ministry partners and friends, to uphold us in your prayers. Pray for Guinea, a country where God is working in surprising ways. 

Pray for us, that we may travel and be present at these festivals, representing an open door to bring the hope of the Gospel to those who do not yet know it. 

Every prayer, every support, and every gesture of encouragement is vital to this mission. 

Together, we are mobilizing hope in Guinea and West Africa. Thank you for being part of this calling and for walking with us in faith. 

May God richly bless you.

Weekly meetings continue.

Conakry Capital City Mision Festival Executive Team & Chair Leaders

Gueckedou City Mision Festival Executive Team & Char Leaders

Local Team Meetings