07 Jul

From June 25 to July 3, our hearts were set on a remarkable journey to Guinea in West Africa, accompanied by the esteemed Evangelist Will Jones.

Our primary mission was to engage with key leaders from various denominations, seeking to forge vital agreements to host two momentous festivals in October and November 2023. 

Additionally, our aim was to establish a two-year ministerial partnership, dedicated to training future evangelists and nurturing the growth of local churches in a country where 98% of the population practices Islam. 

The task ahead was immense, and we knew that collaboration with local churches would be crucial in reaching communities where the Gospel's transformative message had never been heard. 

Throughout this week, we were graced with special conversations with influential leaders from different sectors of the nation. 

The guidance and blessings from the Lord, along with fervent prayer agreements, led us to these significant interactions. 

As a result, we are thrilled to announce that we will return in October and November, accompanied by a larger team, to hold two grand festivals—one in the country's capital, Conakry, and the other in the remote and mountainous region of Gueckaiou. 

Currently, we are working closely with the West African team and the established national team in Guinea, seeking their valuable insights and expertise to guide us in carrying out these transformative festivals.

Amazing National Aviation Partnership

During our stay, we discovered that the location for the second festival, Gueckaiou, is nestled high in the remote mountains, making accessibility a significant challenge. 

However, through divine providence, we were blessed to connect with a ministry dedicated to translating and delivering Bibles to unreached communities in such remote areas. Mission  Aviation Fellowship International.   

This fortuitous encounter led to the formation of a valuable alliance, enabling us to travel by plane to reach the distant and secluded Gueckaiou for our festival. 

This alliance has been a true blessing, as it allowed us to overcome geographical barriers and ensure that the message of hope and faith reaches the hearts of those living in the farthest corners of the nation. 

We are incredibly grateful for this partnership and for your unwavering support, which has made all of this possible. 

Together, we are bringing the light of the Gospel to places that have long been yearning to hear its transformative message. 

We are deeply grateful for your unwavering support, as it has been instrumental in making this mission possible. Together, we are stepping into uncharted territories, fuelled by faith, compassion, and a shared commitment to bring the light of hope to the people of Guinea. 

Your support makes a profound difference, and we are to have you as an essential part of this journey. With renewed determination, we march forward, knowing that the impact of our collective efforts will resonate for generations to come. 

Your Brother In Christ; Manuel A. Guardado